15 January 2012

Trekking to the Big Apple

We left NJ and drove into Philly to catch our train into NYC. I have spent a lot of time in the Philly train station. As a freshman in high school, I would take Amtrak from DC to Philly to visit my brother at Wharton. I love that it is a small station, though a well traveled one. Cameron was fascinated by the rolling schedule board.

It makes a lot of noise when the words and numbers flip to reveal the train times and track numbers.

Daddy gets his little buddy ready to board the train.

All of our STUFF.

Once we were in our seats, it was a relatively quick trip (about an hour) into the city. I love train travel because there is always so much to see that you would never see by car.

We arrived to our hotel, Casablanca, which is one of NYC's most popular boutique hotels. Aside from staying at the Waldorf, we often stay in boutiques while in NYC because they are more intimate. We decided, though, that this would be the last boutique hotel for us. The hotel itself was a fabulous place with an impeccable staff.

But it was the first time staying with a baby (three large suitcases, a stroller, car seat, etc) and it was difficult to cram everything into the tiny closet. I think we will be back at the Waldorf the next time, simply because it offers more space.

The bathroom mirror kept a certain someone occupied

and I like the fact that they provide a makeup removing washcloth essential for any woman who likes to wear mascara...no stains will be found on this one! The reason the hubby picked this hotel is definitely for its location. We were in the middle of Times Square! When you have a child who is fascinated by lights, as we do, this is certainly the mecca.

Since I have never traveled to NYC with a child, all of my trips have emphasized late night dinners, cocktails and broadway shows. None that are conducive to schlepping a child through the big city, so this trip was a nice change.

We headed to the Children's Museum of Manhattan where the hubby and I were bigger kids than our little boy.

say "ah"

how sweet, my son wants to take me for a ride

watch out, that three-year-old is driving towards us

oh my goodness, hit the brake!

what do you mean your feet can't reach the pedal!

we made it out safely

We then headed to The Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs.

The next day we took a walk after breakfast and suddenly had the urge to go to FAO Schwarz, hmmmm.

Obviously, the reason we were going to FAO was for the little one... who FELL ASLEEP on our way there!

Since he slept the entire time, we had fun while he napped. Check out this foosball table for a mere 25K!

It was an exhausting few days in New York and it was a lot of fun (though challenging at times) walking the sidewalks with a baby. Fortunately, we usually spend much of our time on the Upper West and East sides where it is residential and away from most tourists. I think our next trip will be during the summer when we don't have to pack winter gear. Now it is time to head back to Dallas and warmer temps.

rikki ragland,
the preppy debutante