03 November 2018

25 October 2018

Gleneagles Country Club Board of Governors

Thank you Gleneagles Country Club for always having my goldfish waiting for me at our Board meetings. 

22 October 2018

Ambassador for Sam's Club!

I am excited that I am now an Ambassador for Sam's Club, also known as a "SAMbassador!"
I look forward to keeping other busy moms, like myself,  "in the know" about events and deals happening in your local Sam's Clubs.

15 October 2018

My First Home 47 Years Later

My sister flew in from Illinois as I flew from Texas to Maryland to surprise my parents for my birthday! It was the first time I spent my actual birth date with my parents in quite some time. One of the highlights was a return to my first home. 

We took this photo 47 years to the day that my parents brought me to this home after I was born at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (before it merged with Bethesda Naval Hospital).  The house is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Our house was built in the late 1800s and was once a sorority house to girls who attended the National Park Seminary Finishing School, which closed for good in 1945. 

06 September 2018

Serving Up the FUN 🎾

Let’s hear it for Serving Up the Fun! We won all of our lines today!!

05 May 2018

ON STAGE with Elton John!!

Many moons ago, I interviewed a member of Elton John's crew when I was a rookie reporter in Tallahassee, Florida. Given that he moved a lot with the band and I moved every few years as I changed TV markets, we lost touch for more than 20 years! A few months ago, I read an article in Rolling Stone where the reporter had interviewed my long lost friend, Rick. I decided to write to the reporter and asked him to pass my contact information to Rick, hoping to reconnect. Within 24 hours, we were back in touch as if no time had passed. 

Rick is awesome and treated my friends and me to an enormous surprise during a weekend girls' trip to Vegas this weekend. We were taken onstage with Elton John! Take a look from my point of view: 

18 January 2018


Today I received my bracelet from My Intent Project. It is a custom bracelet (and necklace) shop online where you can create your mantra word and they will engrave it into one of their jewelry pieces for you. I chose "Chutzpah." It is a word I have lived by for a a few decades. Ironically, when the Dallas Business Journal featured me in their "40 Under Forty" series years ago, the headline that they used was "Reporter's got chutzpah." Oh.So.True!

08 January 2018

Year #2 with the Gleneagles BOG

Another year with the Gleneagles Board of Governors!
Our Club renovated our golf course and being a Board member gave me a first-hand look at the undertaking of redesigning a course. Seeing a set of blueprints transition into reality and watching it come to fruition has been rewarding and educational.