29 April 2010

BUMP it up

While shopping at our local North Shore book shop, my sister found a new pregnancy book for me called Bump It Up. It is a great resource that shows women how to transform their pregnancy into "the Ultimate Style Statement." I love the idea of the book because I refuse to trade in my fashionista taste for a soon-to-be "bumpy" figure. Oddly enough, a few days later I was standing in the airport when I was approached by a chic woman who had been on my flight. She commented on my pregnancy and introduced herself. It was Amy Tara Koch, author of Bump It Up...how random is that?! Amy invited me to her book signing at the W Hotel. I had an incredible time meeting other "preggies" and getting much needed (solicited) advice from them. Two of them are also Mommy bloggers, which gives me additional resources as I read everything possible to prepare for the baby. They were fabulous and answered many of my questions, which is MUCH nicer than random strangers offering advice that I usually don't want to hear. Plus, it was great to be at an event with people who, quite obviously, had no desire to rub, pat or touch my belly! Here are some classic wardrobe ideas from Amy, including the use of the LBD (little black dress) for maternity and long necklaces to help elongate the body. Scarves are a great way to hide a growing belly before you are ready to announce it to the world. I am a big scarf/shawl person and this was my personal choice before "coming out" with our announcement. A flowing dress also keeps the pregnant mom-to-be comfortable and stylish as she is expanding. Here is a video from Bump It Up with additional ideas to help you pull together your own classic pregnancy style:

25 April 2010

Preppy Baby Lobster

I was rushing through North Park in Dallas one day and happened to pass Janie and Jack. I was immediately drawn towards this adorable Preppy little number. It is one that I actually wish came in an adult size so I could wear one too.

I looked below the hanging onesie to see this little accessory-how cute are these?

Of course, I bought them both.

21 April 2010

Surprise weekender

Last March, I wrote about my new floto bag & how the hubby had surprised me with one. Well, he did it again. With a knock at the door from UPS, I had a special delivery of another Floto weekender bag, but this one is a beautiful orange . It is a perfect shade for spring & summer travels. Here are the buddy bags side by side. Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer. Now it is time to put this one away until the Fall. I can bring it out just in time for my hospital visit when our baby arrives.

18 April 2010

Who Wore it Best?

Apparently, my sister, LeAnita & I did (among a few other North Shore women) according to Sheridan Road Magazine:

15 April 2010


In theatres April 16th- Obviously this is a flick I feel compelled to watch. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I would have to see this one. Just check out the first 20 seconds of this preview and you will know why I think it is a must-see, because I cannot stop laughing about it. If you want to fast-forward to the end, the last little bit of the film is quite a scene too!

11 April 2010

TOSS it on the beach

Special thanks (again) to my friend Carrie who gifted me with one of her sister's creations, my Toss tote. My sister, LeAnita, introduced me to both the Toss collection and to Carrie. Knowing that I would fall in love with Toss too, Carrie gave me this completely adorable tote, which is just one of her sister's designs that has been featured in several magazines. The nice thing is that it has two outside pockets, which will be great for baby bottles one day. As their motto says: Always remember that life is a journey, carry a Toss bag!

09 April 2010

The Butler Did It!

Every morning, one of our two butlers set up a cabana by the pool or under an umbrella along the beach with our towels and a cooler full of refreshments. In the afternoon, they always brought us a delicious lunch of anything we wanted, including burgers, curried chicken & rice, shrimp cocktail... or lobster tail. We never knew what to expect when we returned home in the evenings. At times it was a drawn bubble bath with flower petals... or a more romantic trail of flowers that lead into the bedroom, which always included a late night snack on a platter! The butlers were always creative in their towel designs. This is what we found on our final evening in Exuma, which brought tears to my eyes. We had such wonderful butlers who spoiled us every day and now I will have to go back to reality!

06 April 2010

Junkanoo: A Time to Celebrate

The Junkanoo is a very colorful parade in the Bahamas, which usually happens on Boxing Day & New Year's. While we are in Exuma, the Junkanoo band has performed twice for us. Once in the early evening and the other time later at night.

Click on the video below to see some of their performance. Do you recognize the song they are playing? Here is a hint: my favorite singer performs it as a duet with a woman from Tennessee. Beneath the video are more photos displaying their costumes.

04 April 2010

"Morning" Sickness Does NOT Wear a Watch

"Morning sickness" is a serious misnomer, considering much of my illness was usually at night. It was like clockwork and it loved to creep in between 5-8pm...then it hit me like a locomotive! I remember one day early on, thinking, "Wow, I don't have ANY pregnancy symptoms. If only I had a sign, then I would know that my positive test was real." Be careful what you ask for, because three hours later I was hanging over the side of my bed & I felt as if Typhoid Mary had served up something special for me. I had remembered my mother & grandmother giving me different forms of ginger as a child for an upset stomach. A little ginger powder in some hot tea went a long way for me in those days...so did Ginger Ale. Thank goodness for my Grandmother's "Cherokee ways" of alternative medicine. I already had a stocked arsenal in case I became a victim of this dreaded pregnancy symptom. It also gave me an excuse for a sweet treat while trying to stop the room from spinning. And when I overloaded on ginger, I turned to the Preggie Pop alternative. It is an organic lollipop that uses oils and aromatherapy to ease morning sickness-and they really work!

01 April 2010

Preppy In Paradise

A very special thanks to Leanne who sent me this tres chic "Preppy In Paradise" t-shirt. My favorite place to wear it, of course, was in Exuma's paradise... where the palm trees are abundant and the water is a gorgeous shade of turquoise, sun up to sundown. Ironically, last November I featured Preppy In Paradise's baby clothes, not realizing I would be looking at them for myself just months later! I love wearing my shirt around the island, where I have received compliments from other Preppy beach bums who are soaking up some rays and sipping exotic drinks (or apple juice) under the palm trees.