29 April 2010

BUMP it up

While shopping at our local North Shore book shop, my sister found a new pregnancy book for me called Bump It Up. It is a great resource that shows women how to transform their pregnancy into "the Ultimate Style Statement." I love the idea of the book because I refuse to trade in my fashionista taste for a soon-to-be "bumpy" figure. Oddly enough, a few days later I was standing in the airport when I was approached by a chic woman who had been on my flight. She commented on my pregnancy and introduced herself. It was Amy Tara Koch, author of Bump It Up...how random is that?! Amy invited me to her book signing at the W Hotel. I had an incredible time meeting other "preggies" and getting much needed (solicited) advice from them. Two of them are also Mommy bloggers, which gives me additional resources as I read everything possible to prepare for the baby. They were fabulous and answered many of my questions, which is MUCH nicer than random strangers offering advice that I usually don't want to hear. Plus, it was great to be at an event with people who, quite obviously, had no desire to rub, pat or touch my belly! Here are some classic wardrobe ideas from Amy, including the use of the LBD (little black dress) for maternity and long necklaces to help elongate the body. Scarves are a great way to hide a growing belly before you are ready to announce it to the world. I am a big scarf/shawl person and this was my personal choice before "coming out" with our announcement. A flowing dress also keeps the pregnant mom-to-be comfortable and stylish as she is expanding. Here is a video from Bump It Up with additional ideas to help you pull together your own classic pregnancy style: