28 February 2011

Southern Belle rules

Southern Belle rule #23: "When a train heads straight at you, a smart girl derails it."

25 February 2011

Union of the Snake

When the weather becomes warmer in the South, the snakes make themselves known in certain regions. That's why it's always good to don a pair of Chippewa snake boots. The thick boots make it impossible for any snake to sink its teeth into your toes! Here are a few of my favorite snake boot designs:

22 February 2011

baby goes to yoga class

After spending months taking prenatal yoga, I thought it would be a great idea to continue with the baby. Mommy & Me Yoga is a great way to bond with the baby while getting back into pre-pregnancy shape. When we arrived, the little Kipster was excited to get started. Here he is warming up with some simple breathing exercises. Next it was toe-touching time. Touching his toes and doing "bicycle" moves with his legs help to promote a healthy digestive track. Time for another breather. Someone did not realize that yoga can get tiring. Here he is beginning to relax. Now he is taking the "relaxation" mode to another level. My yoga partner not only passed out, he started SNORING in the middle of class! Soon it was time to go home. Clearly, the class was successful in creating a peaceful mind, body and soul for the baby. It was so beneficial that we signed up for a massage class too. I wonder how long he will last when that class is taken!

15 February 2011

how charming!

I love charm bracelets because they are the perfect illustration of the person who is wearing it. One of my favorite charm bracelets is one that I will never wear. It is a vintage bracelet that was given to me by my mother and I would never risk losing it.

The little charms represent the various places she has traveled and lived, including Texas, France and Japan. The tiny abacus on the right reminds me of a real one that we had hanging in my childhood home. As a kid, I learned to count on the abacus and as an adult I simply played with it for fun. This bracelet also has a replica Lieutenant Colonel's leaf and Army seal representing my mother's role as an officer's wife as well as my father's rank in the military. I am a big fan of silhouettes and there are three on this bracelet for my brother, sister and me. Each has our name and birth date on it and now I wear a similar little boy silhouette charm with Cameron's name on a necklace (to be seen in a future blog). I purchased this charm bracelet shortly after I found out I was having a little boy. I love it because it has a little compartment to hold a lock of hair or a baby's tooth in it, though I will put neither one in it. Instead, the little compartment holds my wishes, making the space unlimited. My Junior League charm bracelet was an addition when I reached 10 years of service with the League and became a Sustainer. I have a few other charm bracelets that I have purchased or have been given along the way, but these are three of my favorites. What do the charms on your bracelet represent?

05 February 2011

Super Bowl spot

Here is a preview of a VW spot that will air Super Bowl Sunday