26 March 2012

Staying Neutral

I was sporting rather bold, pink nails until recently-thanks to my soon-to-be 13-year-old niece, Alex. One would think that a teenager would totally dig my brighter color (do people say "dig" anymore?), but Alex the fashionista turned me onto two neutral Essie colors: Mamba, a shimmering café au lait.
And the identical color, Buy Me a Cameo, a frosted satin mocha.
I mixed them once and liked it, but this time my manicurist did a double coat of Buy Me a Cameo. The color is very subtle, which is nice when I want to swing my wardrobe from red to pink to orange. I don't have to worry about any polish changes or clashing colors with this quiet Essie color.
What in the heck?! Sorry about that, but it looks like this blog entry was just interrupted by some sneaky little fingers trying to hijack my product during its photo shoot!
As I was saying, I really love this color & I think it will be nice to stay neutral for a little while. All because a junior fashionista helped to show me the light-a subtle one, of course. Thanks, Alex!

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

23 March 2012

It's SPRING Y'all!

Spring came in quietly this year. It helps that our winter offered up mild temperatures nearly the entire season. Last year, I purchased a few winter items on clearance with the hope of wearing them this year. It didn't happen, because it was always to warm to wear them!

On the first official day of Spring, it rained, which at least gave me the chance to bring out the wellies and a trench coat...along with a few other items I was waiting to wear:

I just received my preppy debutante silver rose petal ring. Flower rings are HOT this season and are fun to wear.

I paired the ring with this silver dotted bracelet. A friend of mine wore the same combination, so I decided to try them together and really loved the look.

The necklace is actually three separate strands, so I removed two and simply wore the pearls. The neat thing is that you can also wrap a piece around your wrist to create a bracelet, or use two together to make a belt. There are a lot of different looks to be had with this one!

This is one of my favorite handbags that I picked up in Rome years ago. A stone's throw from the Spanish steps, along Via Francesco Crispi, is a little shop specializing in leather and I immediately fell in love with this faux croc bag.

My only regret is that I did not purchase it in multiple colors!

Vineyard Vines' Under the Sea sweaters are light weight and perfect for mild spring temps. This summer, I will pair it with white shorts and matching turquoise flip flops.

It looks as if our spring is quickly turning to summer, because the rest of the week is showing 80-85 degrees! Hello, sunshine.

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

21 March 2012

Expressions from the Heart

Everyone needs a little inspiration, which is why inspiration pendants will be VERY popular this season. With charm necklaces also accelerating in popularity, an inspiration pendant with a charm makes an elegant statement.

Specials this month on the preppy debutante website include pendants for $19.99 (usually $25) when you purchase $35 in merchandise.

The "FAITH" pendant also makes a wonderful Easter present.

You will find all of our inspiration pendants on PAGE 27 of our catalog.

View our entire catalog here: http://bitly.com/preppyshopper

For more information: rikki@preppydebutante.com

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

19 March 2012

Dallas Kosher chili cook-off. OY, caliente!

It is the biggest day of the year in Dallas' Jewish community, where everyone from all over the metroplex converges for one thing-CHILI!

48 Judaic teams with their vats of secret recipes, served up samples of beef, turkey & vegetarian chili. No pork here, y'all, remember, we are keeping Kashrut! All of the teams were vying to be named the best Kosher chili in the Big D.

In its 19th year, the event was held at Tiferet Israel. Attendees went to each booth trying samples of chili.

Some were sweet and mild, while others were piping HOT!
Here I am before setting my tonsils on fire.

One of the few vegetarian chili bowls was provided by Congregation Anshai Torah. They certainly got my vote! I would not have guessed it was vegetarian at all.

It was flavorful and spicy and unlike many of the Temples, they also offered several chili toppings.

The day-long event usually draws around 5,000 people.

Of course, great food is best when shared among friends, so we met several of ours at the cook-off. Cameron was VERY surprised to see one set of his favorite twins (the other set of twins couldn't make it) and he tried to climb from his stroller into theirs.

He also made a few new friends during the event's story time.

It was a full day at the chili kick-off and my lips had cooled by the time we left. Next year, I will arrive with ice water in hand, ready to take on North Texas' spiciest, so bring on the heat!


Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

18 March 2012

Baby Runs Like the Wind...and like Phoebe on Friends

The Little Kipster has started playing soccer...and with soccer comes training! As a former soccer player for 30 years, I know that a player needs to be in great shape to play, even when the player is 17 months old. We decided to take a run in the park and Mr. Athletic ran like the wind. Then he started flapping his hands, and....

he reminded me of a couple of other people who famously ran through a park flapping and flailing their hands and arms as well!

Double-click on this video to watch in You Tube
Rikki Ragland

the preppy debutante

16 March 2012

Our Smiling Irish Eyes

When you are a product of a multi-cultural family, a holiday is celebrated nearly every other week! At least, it seems like it. One of my favorites growing up was certainly St. Patrick's Day, and yes, I am part-Irish ALL year round and not simply for one day. Now my little one can enjoy the holiday with a bit O' green from head to toe.

So raise your glass tomorrow, as we sing:
"When Irish hearts are happy all the world seems bright and gay, And When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, sure, they steal your heart away."

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

06 March 2012


Have a wonderful Purim!

03 March 2012

Little Prepster Models at Neimans

Our little Prepster walked (and ran) the runway for the Neiman Marcus fashion show. He donned a Ralph Lauren blue & green short sleeve rugby t-shirt.

His jeans are by 7 for all mankind (Seven) and I love them! Since C. Alexander's waist is a little smaller than most kids his age, these are perfect because it has an adjustable button waist band that expands as he does.

Several months ago, I bought little preppy a pair of loafers from Ralph Lauren. They were a perfect match for the show!

Here is our sweet pea taking his walk at Neimans:

We were very proud of our model and all of the kids in the show were so precious.

post-runway hugs from daddy

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

02 March 2012

Phi Mu's Lilly print

My fraternity, Phi Mu, had our Lilly Pulitzer print revealed today!

The print represents our carnation pink & white colors, quatrefoil symbol and lion mascot, Sir Fidel. Lilly certainly captured Phi Mu to the fullest, including our Greek letters.Tomorrow is our Founder's Day celebration and you can imagine that all of us will be buzzing about our new print!

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante