09 June 2019

Life's A Beach 🏖

I miss the old days at the beach in Evanston, IL! My family and friends had Friday night sings at the beach in Winnetka and afternoon strolls in Evanston. 🏖 

05 June 2019

Morning cup of Joe ☕️ Usually on the Go!

WHO has time for a quiet cup of coffee anymore? 
It seems as if everyone is always "on the go!" I remember a time when the world traveled a little bit slower and people were able to sip a hot coffee at home before getting out into the jungle of life. My go-to tumbler for my morning cup of joe sports some fabulous lashes. Below are a few pics for unicorn fans too. All can be found in my shop: Amazon.com/shop/rikkiragland

02 June 2019

The Yellow Rose of Texas!!

When you are an East Coaster born into seven generations of Texans, 
you become a Yellow Rose of Texas too!