30 March 2010

28 March 2010

Chag Sameach

Have a wonderful Pesach and good luck young tykes in search of the Afikomen!

25 March 2010

Bonannos on the Beach

My Bonanno's have hit the beaches of the Caribbean. On an island where the population is only 3,400 people, the highlight of the day is lounging in a hammock or walking along the beach & I have been scooting along in my Stephen Bonanno Sandals. I designed them in my sorority colors. Don't forget a preppy-colored pedicure to match your fabulous sandals.

22 March 2010

The Princess is PREGNANT!

After keeping our secret under lock & key for a few months, I am bursting at the seams to finally let it out! Not to mention, this baby has me physically bursting at the seams too. Three months ago, I found this printed on the "at home" test- Now I can officially fill in this nifty certificate announcing my new Mommy-to-be status. Below is a shot of our little one who is due in October, just in time for my birthday. Even if he or she (we do not know the sex) doesn't make a debut on 10-10-10, our baby is already a perfect 10 in our eyes! I received this adorable little "T" in the mail last week, which is my first and so far, favorite maternity shirt.

19 March 2010

Virtual cupcake

When it comes to Mac, there's an "App" for everything. My iphone is loaded with them and this is one that I recently stumbled upon. You can make and send virtual cupcakes!! It is the best way to indulge without the guilt. I sent a couple to my 10-year-old niece and I don't have to box them up for her. The first step is to choose your batter among yellow, chocolate, strawberry and carrot. Ironically, I dislike real carrot cake so much, I won't even make a virtual one!

Now it is time to choose a frosting...and there are many choices. Once the frosting has been spread, toppings, including gummy bears, cookie bits or chocolate chips are sprinkled on top. You can also add frosting on top of frosting... ...and finally, you can "EAT" your cupcake or share it with someone by emailing or texting it to another person. It's a fun way to make cupcakes for someone special in your life (like my niece) without the clean-up or the cavities!

17 March 2010

Southern Lady

Another perk to being from the South is a true appreciation of one of my favorite magazines, Southern Lady. I can read the same issue multiple times and find fresh ideas each time. If there is one thing we also enjoy down here, it is our tea. I remember my tea parties as a child, especially when my mother would allow me to use pieces from her chinaware. Afternoon tea has been a Southern tradition for years and tea rooms are prevalent. That is why Tea Time is another favorite of mine, featuring recipes, settings and tea rooms below the Mason Dixon.

15 March 2010

Baby & Bourbon

This is the ONLY time the words "baby" and "bourbon" should be used in the same sentence. There is a lot of bourbon to be had below the Mason-Dixon, but this one is... bottled in New York. It looks like the Yanks have a whiskey of their own.

12 March 2010

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

I have my fair share of travel bags...alright, I have a closet full of travel bags, but one can never have too many-especially when one travels as much as I do! One designer whose bags have caught my eye is Dan Marty. After Dan Marty closed the door to Dan Marty Design, some thought they would be shut out from his sophisticated showroom antiques and reproductions for good. Not so. Now that he has paired up with Maison au Naturel No. 819, you can still capture the DMD style. My personal favorites are his Prague Weekenders- and travel bags-

11 March 2010

10 March 2010

high society vs. High Society

high society, hmmm- I think I prefer High Society- Now, don't get me wrong- I will not have any issues putting the former on my TiVo schedule (with the possibility of a "high" priority on the timer). I am just pointing out that I prefer the latter.

Tinsley Mortimer's "High Society" debuts tonight on the CW.

06 March 2010


Kiel James Patrick is a hot looking designer who makes hot designs...seriously. Best of all, he is incredibly Preppy. Here is a shot of Kiel modeling his bracelets and you will see that I am not kidding. With an idea that began when he was in prep school, KJP has created the ultimate in old school classics with a modern flair. Dominating his brand are these intricately designed bracelets, including his line called Cape & Brighton Beach My personal favorite: the whale bracelet- I like that KJP allows you to choose the color button you want on your bracelet. This is the Split Leather Turk's Head Knot which is delicately woven into stitched leather. Here is a taste of his Cambreshire Dunes And another favorite- You will also have to take a look at Kiel's key chains, headbands and ear knots, which every Preppy wardrobe should include. You can find a Kiel James Patrick store near you, or shop online for one of KJP's timeless accessories.

04 March 2010


Every now and then I like to go through my library and blindly pick out a book to re-read. Debutante by Karal Ann Marling is my latest pick, which is great because it is a favorite of mine. Published more than a decade after my own debut, it brings back a lot of memories of my Cotillion. Debutante is a great resource which details the rituals involved in a young lady's debut to Society.

02 March 2010

Snack time

This is my addiction. I love the lychee berry and will eat it in any form I can. Whether it is peeled, in a martini or in the gummy candy below, it is one of my favorite little berries to nosh. I often have to go into specialty shops or make special trips into Chinatown in order to find the candy, but is well worth the trip!