19 March 2010

Virtual cupcake

When it comes to Mac, there's an "App" for everything. My iphone is loaded with them and this is one that I recently stumbled upon. You can make and send virtual cupcakes!! It is the best way to indulge without the guilt. I sent a couple to my 10-year-old niece and I don't have to box them up for her. The first step is to choose your batter among yellow, chocolate, strawberry and carrot. Ironically, I dislike real carrot cake so much, I won't even make a virtual one!

Now it is time to choose a frosting...and there are many choices. Once the frosting has been spread, toppings, including gummy bears, cookie bits or chocolate chips are sprinkled on top. You can also add frosting on top of frosting... ...and finally, you can "EAT" your cupcake or share it with someone by emailing or texting it to another person. It's a fun way to make cupcakes for someone special in your life (like my niece) without the clean-up or the cavities!