28 October 2009

webcast wednesday: unhappy halloween pups

Halloween can be traumatizing in more ways than one-

26 October 2009

our spirit halloween TV commercial!

please donate to our Sprit of Children campaign to assist hospitalized children!!

23 October 2009

19 October 2009

Sweet Tea Vodka Deep in the Heart of Texas

Every Southerner (and those from the Southwest) knows that there is nothing like sweet tea! I cannot tell you how much my northern & midwestern friends make fun of me when I cannot find a proper glass of sweet tea in their territory, but it certainly is a staple in "these parts." I am not talking about those yucky flavored teas, or unsweetened tea that requires you to add a packet of sugar. That is just simply not acceptable and absolutely unheard of in the South. When sweet tea collides with just the right amount of vodka, it becomes a whole different story, as one can tell with a sip of Jeremiah Weed or Firefly served in an old-fashioned over ice. I was introduced to Jeremiah in Dallas and enjoyed it. One evening I was having a "girls' night out" and a gal from Austin suggested that I try a Firefly. I immediately became a turncoat and liked this sweet tea vodka even better. Then in Houston.... James River Plantation was on the tab. Though, not as great as the Firefly, it is smooth on the rocks. Next on the list will be a Sweet Carolina. If you are from below the Mason Dixon, chances are you have already tasted at least one of these. As for you Yanks, give it a try...then at least you can be a Southerner at heart.

16 October 2009

fall fashion trend: vests

Vests are back with a vengeance this Fall. This is one article of clothing that seems to be more cyclical than most other trends. I remember throwing on a vest in high school and bringing them out again in college. Animal print vests were the rage WAY back then. This season, some of those prints are back, along with crests, stripes or plain & simple. I have my fair share hanging in my closet, but my favorite vest was a gift from my mother. It is a Jones New York crested vest that can be dressed up or worn very casual. I love wearing it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts (which I obviously wear more at our Dallas home than the Chicago one, where it has remained cold this year!) When it comes to the Windy City weather or the chill that has already hit DC, a heavier vest, such as RL's, is a popular choice for Chicagoans & Washingtonians. Celebrities are helping to keep this trend alive, wearing them over oxfords, tank tops or alone. ,

14 October 2009

How to spot a FAKE!

FAKE designer handbags are on the rise! Buyer beware of LV, Chanel, Versace, D&G, and other handbags that look authentic, but are not the real thing. Obviously, the best way to know your handbag is REAL is to simply buy one in a designer's retail shop. For those who choose to go to eBay or other questionable vendors, take a look at this before you open your wallet:

12 October 2009

october 12th birthday

Today is my favorite day of the year-

10 October 2009


It is that time again...when $50 Spa Week is upon us. I love Spa Week, not only because it wraps around my birthday week each year, but because you can find some great spa services (manis, pedis, etc.) for just fifty dollars. Last year I did a lot of spa hopping- a facial in one place...mani in another and a massage at a third. Spa Week was launched in October 2004, and this year occurs October 12-18th Participating states include: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, New York, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, DC, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee and Toronto, Canada Go to the Spa Week website & click on your state. Next, click on a particular spa and you will find its description and the service that is offered at the discounted price like the ones listed below: *** The Spa at the Crescent at Rosewood Crescent Hotel 400 Crescent Court Dallas, TX 75201 214.871.3232 http://www.crescentcourt.com/spa.cfm Available Treatments 50 Min Organic Hydrating Scrub and Bath Ritual 50 Min Signature Recovery Pedicure with Hydrating Paraffin Foot Mask 50 Min Radiance Spa Facial with Mineral Makeup Application ***ZaSpa at Hotel ZaZa 2332 Leonard Street Dallas, TX 75201 214.550.9492 http://www.hotelzazadallas.com/luxury-dallas-spas.php Available Treatments 45 Min ZaSpa Massage or ZaSpa Signature Fitness Facial 45 Min Smooth Moves Scrub and Massage 45 Min My Mani and Pedi on the Rock *** Toka in Georgetown Court 3251 Prospect Street Northwest Washington, DC 20007 202.333.5133 www.tokasalon.com Available Treatments Pumpkin Exfoliating Facial Ultimate Stress Relief Massage with Lavendar Infusion *** Shizen Spa at the Pantages Hotel 8 Colborne Street Toronto, ON M5E 1E1 416.945.5458 http://www.pantageshotel.com/amenities/shizen-pantages Available Treatments 45 Min Deep Pore-Cleansing Classic Facial 45 Min Head-to-Toe Body Refresher with Butter Cream. 60 Min Shizen Pedicure (Not including French) with Lavendar Foot Soak and Paraffin

09 October 2009

my libran soulmate

My Aunt & Godmother, Darlyne, was my Libran soulmate. My mother had hoped that I would be born on her sister's birthday, but I missed it by 72 hours! This is the fourth birthday without her because she passed away in June 2006. Darlyne & I always had the best time celebrating our birthdays jointly and I continue to honor her special day, and always will! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE! I love you and miss you.

07 October 2009

05 October 2009

feisty flames

With Summer officially over, it is time to transition to a "Fall" nail lacquer. Usually, I jump right into the darker tones, but I think bright red is a terrific color as we slowly roll-out our fall wardrobes. I recently stumbled upon Milani's "Feisty Flames" which is a perfect shade of red. Aside from the fact that it perfectly matches the color of my car, it is a nice fresh color that provides a perfect crossover from one season to the other. Best of all, it can be found in your local drugstore or online.

01 October 2009

eliza b. gone for the season

I am finally putting away my Eliza B. flip-flops. I truly like this particular pair, because they are made especially for my beloved Calvert School. I love the silhouette symbol of our school and they are great as a comfortable pair of flip flops too. Thanks Eliza B. for a wonderful summer-see you next year!