29 October 2011

I want one!

I admit that from the first episode of ABC's Pan Am, I was hooked! I am a true sucker for nostalgia, especially when the era involves the 1960s. Blame it on the fact that I come from an "old" family with two siblings born in the early 60s. My family's fashion during that time period was a reflection of the Kennedys. I, unfortunately, popped into the world wearing bell bottom pants, platform shoes and multi-colored turtlenecks, thanks to the early 70s.

Every time I watch the show, I cannot stop obsessing over the flight attendant's (back then they were stewardesses) BAG!

I could forego the uniform, but the bag is incredible & now I want to get my hands on one.

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27 October 2011


Take a look inside a few of the most elaborate costume parties of the 20th century through the eyes of Nicholas Foulkes' "Bals: Legendary Costume Balls of the Twentieth Century."

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25 October 2011

Perform a Good Deed

A mitzvah is a commandment to perform a good deed. It is our religious duty in Judaism for us to help our fellow man (and woman). Most shuls (synagogues) across the country perform some type of "Mitzvah Day" and hold blood drives, clothing & food donations, and in some cases hair donations to Locks of Love.

Dallas area Temples are holding our Mitzvah event city-wide on October 30th. Even if you are not Jewish or do not belong to a Temple, please do a good deed by dropping off clothing, baby items (especially new diapers), canned food, or shoes at any Synagogue in the Dallas area.

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23 October 2011

Meet Tory Burch @ Neiman Marcus

Trek it over to Neiman Marcus Houston on November 3, from 2 to 3 pm to meet Tory Burch in the Tory shop on the third floor. For more information, contact Seth Vaughan at 713.621.7100

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21 October 2011

A Whale of a Time in the Heart of Texas

I was VERY excited to receive this postcard in the mail a couple of weeks ago. My friends and I have been waiting for months for VV to arrive in Plano, Texas!

I have even tried snooping around the space at the mall where the Vines will arrive, but to no avail. All one can see is this blue wrap-around wall announcing their impending grand opening. It is located on the upper level of Willow Bend across from Brook Brothers and Neiman's!

Usually, I have to wait for a trip home to the Vineyard Vines Georgetown store if I want to try on clothes, as I did a couple of months ago.

Now I can get spoiled in my own back yard....and just in time for Hanukkah!

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19 October 2011

Little Prepster

Usually my little Prepster likes to sport his baby Sperry Topsiders, but lately he seems to prefer his tassel loafers.

One day I will buy him a pair of little penny loafers...but first he is going to have to STOP trying to swallow the pennies!

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15 October 2011

Birthday at the Driskill Hotel

I celebrated my 40th birthday at the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas. We were there for an intimate dinner with popular TV chef, Sara Moulton and some of Texas' culinary all-stars.

We stayed in the Senate Room on the fourth floor.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Driskill, it is also known to be HAUNTED. It has been said that a woman committed suicide on this floor and that her ghost continues to roam the halls, whispering and crying. With the baby left in the room with our sitter, I wonder if anyone heard his faint cry at his bedtime and thought it was the ghost!

Here are a few shots from inside our room.

The dinner was held inside the Driskill Grill and was limited to about two dozen couples. The evening began with a champagne reception.

We then enjoyed six-courses and wine pairings, led by Sara.

This was the menu for our six-course meal.

The amuse bouche was absolutely fabulous! This date, jalapeno and goat cheese delight did more than just "tickle the tastebuds," it left patrons salivating. Bravo to Chef Rob Snow for kicking off the evening just right.

Take a look at our subsequent courses.

Sara Moulton's goat cheese & parmesan souffle in a mini-phyllo shell was sublime. She came to our table of two to chat while we tasted her course. I asked her to come home with us to be our personal chef, but I settled for an autographed menu instead. Because of my nut allergy, I couldn't finish the menu with the dessert, but they made me a personalized alternative for my big night.

Following our dinner, we had a couple of cocktails in their lounge,

then decided to take some photos around the Driskill's lobby.

The next morning, our little Sweet Pea enjoyed his lobby tour too.

It was a very memorable 40th birthday celebration!

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14 October 2011

My voice-over

Many times, I love going off-camera for voice-over work. Several years ago I did educational voice-overs in both Florida and Illinois for DVDs that were distributed among the school systems in both states. One taught young children how to read and the other focused on math.

My most recent voice-over work was for the Junior League of Collin County, which recently changed its name from the Junior League of Plano. This was a quick turnaround project and I was impressed to see how the team putting it together shot the video, recorded the voice over and made it available to the community as fast as they did! This is the finished project:

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12 October 2011

Happy 40th to ME!

I really cannot believe that I turn 40-years-old today! I vividly remember things that happened when I was just two-years-old. It is really fascinating how quickly time passes by, although it does not feel like it.

There was a time when I thought 40 was really OLD! Seriously, people who were 40 were considered to be "out of touch" and past their prime. Now I love telling people that I am 40, because I don't feel or look (thank you genetics) "OLD." Some have said to me that "40 is the new 20," but I can honestly say that I have zero desire to be a 20-something again. Forty is empowering and I will enjoy my fourth decade of life and see what wonderful things it brings.

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09 October 2011

little red Mercedes

Before I was a Mom, I drove red cars. From candy apple to fire engine, every car I have owned has been RED ...until now. Right before the baby was born I got a dark SUV, and traded in my little red Mercedes, which I had named "Ralph Lauren."

All of my cars have been named after men, which I feel is appropriate since men name theirs for women. "Kennedy" was my first, because I was working in Senator Kennedy's office at the time. Then came a cute little red BMW named "Giuseppe" for my 17-year-old dog at the time. Next was the red rugged Jeep, "LL Bean", followed by Ralph and now I cruise around in my "Michael Douglas" SUV.

I still think about Ralph the Mercedes every now & then and considering I am still on the manufacturer's mailing list, I still enjoy looking at their merchandise in the catalog. Tonight I came across this cute little red number. The description says it is for kids 3-6. I was 35 before I drove my own! I think it is a great wish list gift for a certain little boy who is turning 3 in two years. Then he can drive what his Mommy relinquished when he arrived.

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06 October 2011

Catholic Charities

I am excited to announce that the preppy debutante is going to be a part of the Catholic Charities of Dallas' holiday bazaar in November. It is called, "Hope for the Holidays," and helps families who are in need during the holidays. We are currently one of their featured vendors in the Catholic Charities newsletter.

Don't forget to keep up with us on Facebook.

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