15 October 2011

Birthday at the Driskill Hotel

I celebrated my 40th birthday at the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas. We were there for an intimate dinner with popular TV chef, Sara Moulton and some of Texas' culinary all-stars.

We stayed in the Senate Room on the fourth floor.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Driskill, it is also known to be HAUNTED. It has been said that a woman committed suicide on this floor and that her ghost continues to roam the halls, whispering and crying. With the baby left in the room with our sitter, I wonder if anyone heard his faint cry at his bedtime and thought it was the ghost!

Here are a few shots from inside our room.

The dinner was held inside the Driskill Grill and was limited to about two dozen couples. The evening began with a champagne reception.

We then enjoyed six-courses and wine pairings, led by Sara.

This was the menu for our six-course meal.

The amuse bouche was absolutely fabulous! This date, jalapeno and goat cheese delight did more than just "tickle the tastebuds," it left patrons salivating. Bravo to Chef Rob Snow for kicking off the evening just right.

Take a look at our subsequent courses.

Sara Moulton's goat cheese & parmesan souffle in a mini-phyllo shell was sublime. She came to our table of two to chat while we tasted her course. I asked her to come home with us to be our personal chef, but I settled for an autographed menu instead. Because of my nut allergy, I couldn't finish the menu with the dessert, but they made me a personalized alternative for my big night.

Following our dinner, we had a couple of cocktails in their lounge,

then decided to take some photos around the Driskill's lobby.

The next morning, our little Sweet Pea enjoyed his lobby tour too.

It was a very memorable 40th birthday celebration!

with preppiness,