09 October 2011

little red Mercedes

Before I was a Mom, I drove red cars. From candy apple to fire engine, every car I have owned has been RED ...until now. Right before the baby was born I got a dark SUV, and traded in my little red Mercedes, which I had named "Ralph Lauren."

All of my cars have been named after men, which I feel is appropriate since men name theirs for women. "Kennedy" was my first, because I was working in Senator Kennedy's office at the time. Then came a cute little red BMW named "Giuseppe" for my 17-year-old dog at the time. Next was the red rugged Jeep, "LL Bean", followed by Ralph and now I cruise around in my "Michael Douglas" SUV.

I still think about Ralph the Mercedes every now & then and considering I am still on the manufacturer's mailing list, I still enjoy looking at their merchandise in the catalog. Tonight I came across this cute little red number. The description says it is for kids 3-6. I was 35 before I drove my own! I think it is a great wish list gift for a certain little boy who is turning 3 in two years. Then he can drive what his Mommy relinquished when he arrived.

with preppiness,