06 September 2017

Hurricane Irma Heading For Caribbean & Florida

Hurricane Irma is barreling towards the Caribbean and Florida. St. Thomas is the little red dot on the left in this graphic. MANY prayers to everyone in its path. I am in touch with our friends living in St. Thomas. More to come...

07 August 2017

Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas

One of my favorite places in St. Thomas is The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas,​ a shul that my brother, Sherman​, introduced me to six years ago. It was founded by Sephardic Jews from Spain and is known for its history and sand floors. I buy much of my Judaic jewelry here too. 
Let's take a look inside...


03 August 2017

The Cool Side of the Caribbean

While March is our favorite time to be in the Caribbean, we will take a last summer trip in July sometimes before the true kickoff to school in August. July obviously brings intense heat and we needed a reprieve from the sun and sunburn. 

Magic Ice  in Charlotte Amalie is a great place to get out of the heat. The temp is 25 F!

29 July 2017

St. Thomas: Home Away from Home

Every year, we spend a few weeks at our place in St. Thomas. Spring is our favorite time to go, but we make a trip in late July to give the little one his last "big trip" before school starts. For us, it is simply an excuse not to leave the same lounge chair for a week. 

31 March 2017

15 January 2017

WELCOME to the Gleneagles Board of Governors

This month I became a member of the Board of Governors at Gleneagles Country Club. There are a lot of exciting things ahead, as we are about to reconfigure our golf course during this time too. It is a double-duty job because I will also represent our Entertainment Committee on the Board. I was elected Chair of the Entertainment Committee last November. Ironically, I had not thought about running for the Chair position when two people put my name into the nomination pool. Needless to say, I am excited to get started in this dual role and more than happy to represent the Entertainment Committee to the Board and represent the Board in the community!