04 October 2011

It's The Great Pumpkin!

A couple of friends and I met at the Dallas Arboretum yesterday for Tiny Tots Tuesday and story time with our little "C"s...Cameron, Charlie and Claire. With our picnic blankets spread across the lawn, Charlie and Claire loved listening to the woman entertaining about 30 children.

Unfortunately, the baby slept so long, that he missed the opportunity to play with his friends, who had to leave after a while. I decided to stick around a bit to capture some shots of my little wee-tot among the pumpkins. After all, a child cannot be an "October" baby and not have pictures with some pumpkins. As an October baby myself, I made sure to get in on a few thanks to my friend Cyndi. This is the time of year when I pull out my bright orange Tory Burch top and matching Michael Kors loafers. The birthday boy put on his new "1" t-shirt and posed for his big boy shots. Then it was time for a wardrobe change and the Little Kipster saddled up to another pumpkin patch with his new little cowboy boots on. As a Texan, you have to start them young with their Tony Lamas! A man and his wife were passing by and he could not resist having a conversation with my little cowboy. He really enjoyed himself and began singing a little song (a baby song with no real words that I could understand), which was quickly followed by him clapping and throwing his arms in the air. His little routine went on for several more minutes with is own choreographed hand clapping and arm swinging. It was very entertaining for everyone around us too. Hopefully when we meet again in two weeks, he will actually be awake to see his friends!

with preppiness,