16 October 2009

fall fashion trend: vests

Vests are back with a vengeance this Fall. This is one article of clothing that seems to be more cyclical than most other trends. I remember throwing on a vest in high school and bringing them out again in college. Animal print vests were the rage WAY back then. This season, some of those prints are back, along with crests, stripes or plain & simple. I have my fair share hanging in my closet, but my favorite vest was a gift from my mother. It is a Jones New York crested vest that can be dressed up or worn very casual. I love wearing it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts (which I obviously wear more at our Dallas home than the Chicago one, where it has remained cold this year!) When it comes to the Windy City weather or the chill that has already hit DC, a heavier vest, such as RL's, is a popular choice for Chicagoans & Washingtonians. Celebrities are helping to keep this trend alive, wearing them over oxfords, tank tops or alone. ,