19 October 2009

Sweet Tea Vodka Deep in the Heart of Texas

Every Southerner (and those from the Southwest) knows that there is nothing like sweet tea! I cannot tell you how much my northern & midwestern friends make fun of me when I cannot find a proper glass of sweet tea in their territory, but it certainly is a staple in "these parts." I am not talking about those yucky flavored teas, or unsweetened tea that requires you to add a packet of sugar. That is just simply not acceptable and absolutely unheard of in the South. When sweet tea collides with just the right amount of vodka, it becomes a whole different story, as one can tell with a sip of Jeremiah Weed or Firefly served in an old-fashioned over ice. I was introduced to Jeremiah in Dallas and enjoyed it. One evening I was having a "girls' night out" and a gal from Austin suggested that I try a Firefly. I immediately became a turncoat and liked this sweet tea vodka even better. Then in Houston.... James River Plantation was on the tab. Though, not as great as the Firefly, it is smooth on the rocks. Next on the list will be a Sweet Carolina. If you are from below the Mason Dixon, chances are you have already tasted at least one of these. As for you Yanks, give it a try...then at least you can be a Southerner at heart.