19 March 2012

Dallas Kosher chili cook-off. OY, caliente!

It is the biggest day of the year in Dallas' Jewish community, where everyone from all over the metroplex converges for one thing-CHILI!

48 Judaic teams with their vats of secret recipes, served up samples of beef, turkey & vegetarian chili. No pork here, y'all, remember, we are keeping Kashrut! All of the teams were vying to be named the best Kosher chili in the Big D.

In its 19th year, the event was held at Tiferet Israel. Attendees went to each booth trying samples of chili.

Some were sweet and mild, while others were piping HOT!
Here I am before setting my tonsils on fire.

One of the few vegetarian chili bowls was provided by Congregation Anshai Torah. They certainly got my vote! I would not have guessed it was vegetarian at all.

It was flavorful and spicy and unlike many of the Temples, they also offered several chili toppings.

The day-long event usually draws around 5,000 people.

Of course, great food is best when shared among friends, so we met several of ours at the cook-off. Cameron was VERY surprised to see one set of his favorite twins (the other set of twins couldn't make it) and he tried to climb from his stroller into theirs.

He also made a few new friends during the event's story time.

It was a full day at the chili kick-off and my lips had cooled by the time we left. Next year, I will arrive with ice water in hand, ready to take on North Texas' spiciest, so bring on the heat!


Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante