22 February 2011

baby goes to yoga class

After spending months taking prenatal yoga, I thought it would be a great idea to continue with the baby. Mommy & Me Yoga is a great way to bond with the baby while getting back into pre-pregnancy shape. When we arrived, the little Kipster was excited to get started. Here he is warming up with some simple breathing exercises. Next it was toe-touching time. Touching his toes and doing "bicycle" moves with his legs help to promote a healthy digestive track. Time for another breather. Someone did not realize that yoga can get tiring. Here he is beginning to relax. Now he is taking the "relaxation" mode to another level. My yoga partner not only passed out, he started SNORING in the middle of class! Soon it was time to go home. Clearly, the class was successful in creating a peaceful mind, body and soul for the baby. It was so beneficial that we signed up for a massage class too. I wonder how long he will last when that class is taken!