04 April 2010

"Morning" Sickness Does NOT Wear a Watch

"Morning sickness" is a serious misnomer, considering much of my illness was usually at night. It was like clockwork and it loved to creep in between 5-8pm...then it hit me like a locomotive! I remember one day early on, thinking, "Wow, I don't have ANY pregnancy symptoms. If only I had a sign, then I would know that my positive test was real." Be careful what you ask for, because three hours later I was hanging over the side of my bed & I felt as if Typhoid Mary had served up something special for me. I had remembered my mother & grandmother giving me different forms of ginger as a child for an upset stomach. A little ginger powder in some hot tea went a long way for me in those days...so did Ginger Ale. Thank goodness for my Grandmother's "Cherokee ways" of alternative medicine. I already had a stocked arsenal in case I became a victim of this dreaded pregnancy symptom. It also gave me an excuse for a sweet treat while trying to stop the room from spinning. And when I overloaded on ginger, I turned to the Preggie Pop alternative. It is an organic lollipop that uses oils and aromatherapy to ease morning sickness-and they really work!