03 September 2009

kenny rogers off the wall

He's off my wall for good. OK, he actually came down from my wall many moons ago...but, oh, how the memories came back when my mother recently mailed my Kenny Rogers poster to me! Thirty years ago this poster was tacked to the wall over my bed and stayed there for YEARS. When I was seven years old, I had the biggest crush on Kenny (at 17 & 27 I did too). As a kid, my Kenny poster was on one wall and Benji the dog was on another. By age 10, I knew I was going to grow up and marry Kenny, and the real perk was that I would not have to change the monogram on my towels either. Several years ago I met Kenny in a Dallas parking lot! My friend, Guy Morton, told me that he was in town doing an interview at our local country radio station and I drove over to watch. As I pulled into the parking lot with my CD blaring (and singing my trio of "We've Got Tonight" with Kenny & Sheena Easton) I pulled into a parking space and I looked over to the car next to me. That's when I saw HIM sitting in his car with his PR guys, who were very cool! Thanks to one of them, Gator, I had the chance to talk with Kenny without competing with a bunch of other fans. I have been going back stage and getting front row tickets for many years. During one backstage visit, Kenny called my mom on the phone to say "Hello." He & my mom are native Texans, so they had a lot to talk about, despite the fact that he was heading onstage to perform. I took my fiance (at the time), Cory, backstage to meet Kenny too. Cory told Kenny that our wedding song was going to be "Lady" and during his concert, Kenny walked across the stage, stood in front of us & serenaded us with this song! The entire night was magical. My sister & I also drove from Dallas to Oklahoma City for the weekend to catch his show, and I think she & I were the youngest ones in the crowd. What a whirlwind of memories, simply because a friend told me to be in the right place at the right time. Kenny will forever be my favorite singer, though others like Phil Collins come very close. And maybe, just maybe there is still a trace of my crush on Kenny....just don't tell anyone ;)