13 September 2009

michael kors & the white ruffle shirt

By now you have seen that the white ruffled shirt is HOT for Fall. It is a fashion trend that has been recycled through the years. Dating back to pre-colonial time, ruffled shirts have been a wardrobe staple for generations. Ironically, the fluffy adornment frenzy was popular among men long before women jumped on the bandwagon. I remember my brother donning a powder blue ruffled shirt (like the one below) when he escorted a debutante in the late 1970s. (for the record, my brother is way cuter than this mannequin). Sporting his powder blue shirt at the Cotillion just wasn't enough, so a different one was showcased with his tuxedo for PROM (tee-hee). Thank goodness for Michael Kors! He has made the white ruffle shirt tres chic this season. You can dress it up with a snazzy black blazer... or go a bit more casual by pairing it with some sleek black trousers. This shirt is just plain fun to wear. And if you really want a thrill... slap a patch over your eye and go as a Pirate!