09 September 2009

webcast wednesday: the halloween spirit

Yes, it is already THAT time of year…when children go door-to door begging strangers for candy! Spirit Halloween Superstore
Spirit Halloween has already begun their rolling Grand Openings across Houston and Austin. Last year, this market was the largest fundraiser for the Spirit of Children, which is devoted to bringing the fun and fantasy of Halloween to children everywhere. The goal is to bring the outside world in to the pediatric patients at hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the nation. Spirit Houston & Austin raised more than $56K for Texas Children's Hospital in 2008. Keep in mind, that this is a seasonal business and that amount was raised in about 60 DAYS!!! Be sure to contribute at your local Spirit to help children in the hospital. As far as your costume is concerned, come in early because what you see today, may be gone tomorrow. This year pirates and vampires are on the prowl…