17 January 2012

BEHIND THE SCENES: Cameron's Belk ad

In a recent post, I showed you how our little Kipster was used as a model for Spirit Halloween. This was actually his second modeling gig.

Several months ago, Cameron attended his first audition and landed a job on the spot! He modeled a Carter's outfit for Belk department store. The crew was awesome and allowed me to snap a few shots from "behind the scene," literally. I hid behind a wall so the baby could audition without me in sight.

At first, they tried to audition him with another little boy, but the other child began to cry so they did an individual try-out.

Kiddie auditions are cool to watch, because every conceivable toy, including the fail-safe Sophie squeeky is used to keep the children smiling.

Always the cuddling Libra, Cameron gives a hug as he has his hair "touched up."

Now it was time to perform. Pensive, Cameron is deciding which expressions to give as the photographer snaps away.

After a fun and exciting photo shoot, this is the final ad, which was used as a mailer to all of the Belk customers. It is really a great feeling, knowing that his sweet little face arrived in so many mailboxes, advertising their holiday baby sale.

rikki ragland,
the preppy debutante