24 January 2012

ΦΜ named a Lilly Pulitzer print

Lilly Pulitzer's marketing & public relations team is stellar. A couple of weeks ago, they announced they were adding three more sororities to the lineup of Greeks with their own Lilly prints. Sorority gals then flooded the Lilly facebook page with their votes...talk about MAJOR web traffic on their page.

The Lilly team then made sure we all stayed tuned by posting this message, telling us that the three groups would be announced through a live streaming cast:

My Phi Mu Fraternity sisters and I are very excited to be on the short list of groups. Through the live web stream, we were announced third

and of course my twitter page went CRAZY with Phi Mus nationwide tweeting the announcement.

Not to disappoint, Lilly surprised everyone and rolled out two more choices. Of course, the lucky five will continue to stay glued to their facebook page to know when the prints will hit the website and stores.

It is a very exciting and involved marketing campaign that was successfully customer-driven. I think many companies and corporations can learn from the tactics and techniques set forth by Lilly.

I am curious to see what they will do with our print. Our sorority colors are pink and white and represented by our lion (and unofficially the ladybug). With our national convention just six months away, I can already envision a sea of Lilly taking over San Antonio.

Congrats to all of the sororities, especially my dear ol' ΦΜ ....Les Soeurs Fideles.

rikki ragland,
the preppy debutante