23 January 2012

let's go Mavs!

Tonight we went to a Mavs game against the Phoenix Suns. Of course, we took our little one, which was a lot of fun.

Checking out the players pre-game.

As season ticket holders, we see many of the same people sitting around us each game. The last time Cameron was with us, he was about seven months old, so a lot of people were surprised by how quickly he sprung up.

He really enjoyed himself, watching the game, the mega lights and of course, the chili pepper blimp that flies overhead.

Cameron recognizes the number one team in the country too.

We had headphones for Cameron in case the noise was overwhelming for him, but he took them off and sat through the game without any noise issues.

It was interesting to watch Lamar Odom who seems to have a tough time transitioning to living and working in Dallas.

This is one of the few school nights that we will let him stay up past bedtime, although we left the game a little early to get him home. Fortunately, after his bath he fell asleep quickly. It was well worth some family time cheering our championship team.

rikki ragland,
the preppy debutante