16 November 2012

Little "belk days" model

Several months ago, Cameron Alexander was booked for a modeling gig with belk
Department store. They were kind enough to mail us several copies of the ad (some for the grandparents), which arrived in our mailbox today!

I am especially proud of this ad because it was the first one where I was no where to be found. During his first belk ad, I was on hand, albeit, hidden behind a partition. They kept me in the room in case I needed to keep our little model pepped up. 

This go round,  I remained in the green room. It was a little weird at first. He walked out of the room and down the hall, looking back only once to give me a wave goodbye. He returned after the shoot a happy little camper, as did the crew, who said he did a great job sans Mommy. 

Apparently, all of the kids that afternoon had a wonderful time without their parents in the room. While some crews welcome mom or dad, others feel that kids would do better solo. I thought it was great to stay away on this one, especially since I had a ton of email to catch up on that morning!

C. Alexander has come a long way since his first belk ad a year ago.

Rikki Ragland the preppy debutante