26 November 2012

Seeing Red

I am usually a pink kind of gal, but lately, I am addicted to red.  I usually take my own polish to the salon because I like to create my own color combinations. Although I had one in my handbag, I decided to take a look at the salon's choices this time and I fell in love with this-

It is the truest red I have found, and appropriately named, "True Red." If you can imagine this color on a car, then you will know what I drove for years! Over the years, I have driven a Honda, BMW, Jeep and a Mercedes in this exact shade. I know, I know...a policeman's target!! Those were the good ol' days before I toned down the color two years ago. 

I have a holiday party to attend this week and now I need to create an outfit around the color. It seems that my traditional pink will have to take a back seat for a while. 

Rikki Ragland the preppy debutante