03 November 2012

A Hospital Halloween!

My blogging has been sporadic lately, I know. One word: HALLOWEEN. Most of you know that my husband owns Spirit Halloween, a company founded by my father-in-law, Joe, many moons ago. Our stores are in Houston & Austin, which requires a lot of commuting back and forth among the two cities and our home in Dallas. Thus, the lack of significant blogging.

The past five years, we have been raising money for children in hospitals through our Spirit of Children Campaign. The donation is 100 percent customer donations and benefit the child life programs at Texas Children's in Houston and Dell Children's in Austin.

Every year, we give a party in both cities for hospitalized children, which is a TON of fun! It is the one day of the year that kids can dress up (with our donated costumes) and pretend to be someone or something else for the afternoon. For the first time this year, we teamed up with the Power Rangers to entertain the kids at Texas Children's in Houston. Here is just a snippet of our afternoon with them:



      Rikki Ragland the preppy debutante