19 May 2009

what does chicago deem a masterpiece?

The Art Institute of Chicago opened The Modern Wing this weekend featuring some very interesting pieces. The first room that art lovers are introduced to is a rather large one with bags of cat litter placed against each wall. The second room has pieces of hard candy poured into the corner on the floor and people are asked to take a piece and eat it. No, it is not a Jonestown memoir, but it was interesting to see people flocking to the corner to grab the candy, not knowing where it came from. We then followed one another into a dark room with a giant video playing on the wall of a clown sitting on a commode while sounds of bodily functions played on an audio reel. The photos of that I have included are what I deem appropriate enough to appear on my blog. I think there should have been a warning label for some of the art on display because it was graphic and extreme. Again I point out-a clown who makes his private business public! Before I sound too judgmental, let me begin by saying that I come from a long line of artists, which is a talent that has also been passed to my niece and nephews, so I can appreciate art across the spectrum. My mother studied under Heinz Trokes in Germany (all of the classes were taught in German). I love all types of art, but some of the artwork in the current exhibit left me scratching my head-and not in a positive way. Others were inspiring & thought provoking, as good art should. We did have a lot of fun, though, with an oversized box of tissues, a giant dress and a few sculptures and paintings. In case you are wondering, I decided not to take any photos of the clown & his "business"...it was a bit too gauche for me.