21 May 2009

Southern Proper- haberdashery for the southern gentleman

Southern Proper’s new "Laid Back" Kelly Green polo for women We Southerners are so dang proper, and would we really have it any other way? Growing up below the Mason-Dixon Line, we are introduced, literally at birth, to our monogrammed nappy bags and thank you notes, which are written immediately to thank friends and family who showered us with such beautiful presents to celebrate our birth. As adults, those proper social graces make us the quintessential hostesses, while our Southern gents are groomed to open doors, offer handkerchiefs and walk along the street side of a sidewalk to protect their ladies. Now even the most northern Yankee can look like he or she is from the Old South, New South or the Deep South thanks to Southern Proper, the ultimate clothing store in attire for being properly Southern! Co-owners Reagan Hardy, Emmie Henderson Howard & beloved friend & mascot, Beau, truly modernize a traditional southern ensemble. Think back to when our Daddies donned bow ties while courting the ladies who wore preppy headbands. My parents were college students in the mid-1950’s and the Southern Proper Website is reminiscent of their old school photos that showed the students standing around the college courtyard. Or of the Phi Mu photos from my sorority’s history book of our sisters six decades ago in Georgia being serenaded by a fraternity from across campus. Some of my favorite items on the Southern Proper website obviously include my new Kelly Green polo with Beau on the logo, showing that man’s best friend will always lead the way for you. You can choose from a bevy of Southern clothing collections, including the Gents, Beaus, Field & Fancy, Southern Drawls, Belle Bands (including the most precious elephant-themed headband) and Sweet Tees. When your favorite Fraternity Gent is not wearing his tradition polo with the popped collar, he may very well be dressed from head to toe in a Fraternity hat or visor and a shotgun bowtie. And make sure you stop by and read about their unique Belles for Beaus ambassador program, representing 30 Southern Universities. You will certainly find the perfect Preppy pick befitting any Southern gentleman or lady at Southern Proper.