14 May 2009

chanel on a shoestring

What’s a preppy gal to do when she wants to look ultra fabulous during a recession? Head to the Junior League…consignment shop of course! As one who has busily been in about six different Junior Leagues, I have seen first hand the merchandise that comes through the various consignment & thrift stores. That’s because I usually schlep about five or six bags of clothes out of my own closet to donate in the stores each year, only to walk out with a couple of outfits from the racks. I have noticed that consignment, vintage and thrifty bargain hunting is becoming a bigger trend with the masses during this economy. Women across the country are realizing they don't need to trade fashion for finance, at least not completely. Believe it or not, you can actually find Chanel and other great designers on a shoestring budget at some of these stores! Women are also learning to take their Burberry handbag and accent it with an inexpensive Hermes-inspired scarf from a JL Thrift Shop. Others are dressing up their madras with a pink, yellow or green popped collared golf shirt from the JL racks too. It is all about the blending! The neat thing is that these women really are walking away with designer goods. One of my Junior League meetings encouraged all of us board members to show off the thrifty goodies we had purchased from our own thrift house. One member had on a nifty pearl necklace while another’s entire ensemble cost no more than $45!! This included a RL blazer and a great pair of trousers. Yes, for UNDER $45!! Here is a round up of a few designer consignment and thrift stores in my favorite cities. Unlike eBay, there are no shipping charges and you have the chance to try on the merchandise before it reaches your doorstep. You just might walk away with a three piece Escada suit for under 100 bucks! And a shop like Michael's in Manhattan also offers bridal gowns for the very lucky bride. Be a Michael's Girl Glencoe's Thrift Store on Chicago's North Shore Sweet Repeats in Atlanta Junior League of Atlanta's Nearly New Junior League of Fort Worth's Double Exposure The Twig of Alexandria