08 May 2009

georgetown's designer cupcake!

Cupcakes are my absolute favorite! When my sister-in-law, Clare, asked us to pick some up from Georgetown Cupcake on our way back to their home one evening, we did not hesitate to head over to Potomac & M Streets for the sweet designer treats. Clare, my brother and their son have their favorite flavors and Cory & I would quickly find our favorites too. But first, we had to get through the queue that had steadily formed along Potomac Street and snaked along the sidewalk. Can you see Cory standing toward the back of the line? Well, it is well worth the wait! Once we were inside, the menu board listed the day's flavors. What a delicacy! Truly a taste of heaven. The cupcakery was the genius idea of two sisters who left other careers to open the doors of Georgetown Cupcake. Special thanks to their grandmothers who served as the inspiration for this Georgetown gem. We had a dozen goodies boxed up to take with us. As much as I wanted to nosh on one as we drove to my family's house, we kept the box in tact. I may as well have eaten one, though, because a couple of them began to melt a bit by the time we made it to their home. That's what we get for taking a shopping detour up Wisconsin & M! Their website will show you other masterpieces sans melted icing! The next time I will remember to get a baker's dozen and no one will know that I ate one before they have the chance to eat one too ;) Georgetown Cupcake is a definite must while strolling through G-town.