09 July 2012

Viva México!

We spent 10 glorious days in Mexico last month. It was my first "real" trip to Mexico, which surprises most, given the proximity from Texas. Somehow, Europe or the Islands were always my choice for a vacation destination. We attempted a Mexican getaway a few years ago, but when SARS was running rampant, we were diverted to Jamaica.

It was beautiful and I received a crash course in Spanish (I learned to speak French growing up.) Best of all, our 20-month-old picked up the language in just over a week and is counting to 10 in Spanish by himself.
We stayed in Playa del Carmen, with little jaunts to Cozumel and Cancun.

Our hotel had a spectacular view from the balcony of the pools and the pristine beach.

Not to mention, the bath tub in the room was a playground in itself for a certain someone.

Within our first couple days, we took a ferry over to Cozumel.
There, we traveled a bit by taxi to the southern most tip of Punta Celarain to see the lighthouse.

After a stroll through the museum on the ground floor,

we climbed nearly 150 dizzying steps to the top (whew!)

It was well worth it, once we saw the breathtaking view.

Next, we stopped by a crocodile "farm," which was reminiscent of my days living in Florida.

Then it was time for lunch, seaside (Caribbean Sea.)

We also saw the Chabad house before heading back to Playa.

In the next blog entry, we send the baby "down the river!" Stay tuned....

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante