26 July 2012

Preppy Calling Card

Personalized phone cases can be found in stores and online. Monograms and initials have taken over iPhones, Droids and other phones. It is a glorified version of having one's name ironed inside of clothing during camp days. I love them!

Monogrammed phone cases from 2PreppyGirls

I decided to take a slightly different route and checked out the phones from flirtygirldesigns on Etsy. This vendor allows you to upload your favorite photo and they turn it into a phone case. I love that it is not a simple decal on the case, it is a permanent print embedded in the phone. Flirtygirl Designs provides EXCELLENT customer service too, so check her out!

Personalized phone case from flirtygirl designs

How could I resist uploading my company logo. It makes for the perfect calling card. Every time I make a phone call, I have a handheld advertisement for the preppy debutante.

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante