21 February 2012

my face lift

It was time for a facelift...for my logo! Hey, I may have reached the big 4-0, but I am far from needing a lift for myself :) In my opinion, even company logos need to show maturity after a while and I knew it was certainly time for the preppy debutante to mature too.
This was the old look:

...and voila, you already saw the new one when you logged on. While still preppy, you can see the traditional pink and green have been replaced with a more sophisticated look of pink and orange.

I was inspired by one of my favorite Baekgaard purse and wallet combinations. The orange purse has a striking pink lining, while the contrasting pink wallet has a beautiful orange interior.

The augmented quatrefoil framing the boots and words represents the symbol of my fraternity, Phi Mu. Our badge, which has other hidden meanings, is of the same design.

All of the elements came together in the new logo thanks to my web design diva, Romi Anderfuren. She is an award winning designer who has 14 years of experience in print & digital design. She is brilliant and I really love her work. If you would like for Romi to design for you, she can be reached at: randerfuren@gmail.com.

Rikki Ragland,
the preppy debutante