22 February 2012

Welcome to the Junior League!

Each year, the Sustainers in my Junior League welcome our Provisional members during a special brunch.

It was held in the beautiful home of one of our Sustainers. Every person was greeted inside the door, which also provided a great spot for photo opps.
Catching up with fellow Sustainers

I love this brunch because it gives us the opportunity to share our League wisdom and advice with the new members, while also learning innovative ideas and strategies from them.
Sustainers greeting our new members

Sharing my experiences with the Provisionals

Every detail was tended to, down to the lovely pink cocktail napkins,

and a very delicious spread was available in the dining room.

It is always great to find a fellow Junior Leaguer who is also a Phi Mu sorority sister!

The afternoon was a lot of fun with the excitement of everyone mingling with one another.

It looks like another incredible year is ahead for our League.

Rikki Ragland,
the preppy debutante