13 February 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Blingo, Gleneagles style

As a sustainer in the Junior League, I love an opportunity when we can mingle with our active and provisional members. Blingo Bingo is one of our big annual fundraising events when many of us come together-usually around 300 women strong.

Women at each table dress according to a particular theme, which is usually fun and fancy or over-the-top with sequins or other "bling." Our day includes a lunch and an afternoon of playing bingo.

Our group of sustainers decided to channel our inner Audrey Hepburn and go with a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme.

Clad in black dresses, dripping in pearls and topped with tiaras, we were the cat's pajamas!

I recycled the tiara I wore in my wedding eight years ago and my stole was given to my mother on the evening of her debutante cotillion in the 1950s. She, in turn, passed it to me on the eve of my own cotillion during the 1980s.
I carried my Audrey Hepburn cigar box handbag for an added Tiffany touch.

Held at one of our local country clubs, nearly 300 blinged out women filled the room.

All were ready to nosh, chat and take on the Bingo boards.

My friend, Joyce, had very impressive nails to match the robin's egg colored Tiffany bags.

Clearly, her nails proved to be good luck because she walked away with a winning bingo card and a great prize!

A final prize was also given for the "most blinged out" attire.

It was quite a day and all of us had a great time playing dress up. Some of us are already brainstorming for next year's event and what we plan to wear...stay tuned.

rikki ragland,
the preppy debutante