19 May 2011

Bye Bye Baekgaard

I love Baekgaard.

Sadly, the company has been silently folding to accommodate owner, Barbara Baekgaard's, other company, Vera Bradley. While I have also enjoyed the Bradley designs, I found Baekgaard to be classic & timeless. I especially love their bright and pastel colors. A while ago I decided my new signature color for spring would be turquoise and purchased a Baekgaard bag and accessories in the color during my travels.

I change out the baby's diaper bag pretty often and my handbag is a great match to my Toss bag, which was given to me by the designer's sister. Once my beach tote, the Toss makes a great diaper bag now. The bags also compliment my Lilly sailor bracelet and A. Tierney headband.

I also love orange and pink together. They are the epitome of summer for me. I carry my orange Baekgaard handbag with a beautiful pink & orange matching wallet.

And will often pair it with my Tory tote, which again is full of the baby's items.

This morning I received a pleasant surprise in the mail from my sister, LeAnita! It was this gorgeous Baekgaard make-up bag, which just may be used to carry a few baby items inside my diaper bag.

Currently, the baby has his own Baekgaard goodies. One for his personal items, such as "Little Noses" drops and Spirit Halloween hand sanitizer and the other for disposable spoons and Binkys.

Bye Bye Baekgaard. You will be missed by many Preppies, but your memory lives on in my closet and over my shoulder.

with preppiness,