27 August 2011

SALE: Close out, Blow out

Take a look at some of the preppy debutante's "Close Out, Blow Out" items for sale! It is your last chance to get your hands on particular totes, baby items, jewelry and candles before they are gone.

Item Code: KA0005-0200
Light Blue Infant Gown
WAS $22
Price: $10.00

Product # KA0004-0100
Strawberry Toddler Dress
WAS $22
Price: $14.00

Product # JP0110
Red Marbleized Triangle Pendant 2" Tall0.05 Fits up to a 12mm Necklace
WAS $36
Price: $29.00

Product # JP0038
Sterling Braided Oval Pendant 1.75" Wide0.05 Fits up to a 10mm Necklace
WAS $110
Price: $75.00

Product # JN0108
Pink Glass Pearl Necklace
12-14"Clasp Closure
WAS $18
Price: $15.00

Product # JE0141
Turquoise Diamond Earrings
.75" 0.05 French Wire
WAS $14
Price: $10.00

Product # JB0101-0100
Natural Copper Wide Hammered Bangle
1.75" Wide Bangle
WAS $54
Price: $39.00

Product # GC0001-0400
Ocean Breeze Pillar Candle
WAS $24
Price: $14.00

Product # EH0050-0300
Natural Eco Friendly Tote
18" x 15" x 5.5" Velcro closure, 9" straps
WAS $26
Price: $18.00

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