14 August 2011

Orange you nifty in those shoes

While most people choose to sport something white after they have achieved their summer tan, I make orange a signature color to compliment my new hue (thanks to a Caribbean trip and triple digit sunshine in Dallas). Just don't confuse me with the other "orange wearing Rickie," also known as the PGA's Rickie Fowler, who literally brightens up any course!

I had this Lilly hanging in my closet for quite some time. I usually pair it with my orange handbag from Rome, but it was always without the perfect pair of shoes. One would think that with the number of shoes in the Shoe Closet that I would have at least one pair that was orange and pink. Instead I always wore an orange sandal with it, but it still didn't feel right.

So I ordered this pair of Bonannos for a perfect match. I love my monogram because the center initial is perfectly flanked by twin initials to either side. I am a sucker for symmetry. You just won't see this little number the next time I swing a club.

with preppiness,