23 August 2011

ONE sole...many shoes

While we were traveling in St. Thomas, I walked into a very cute boutique where I found the owner wearing the most adorable pair of anchor shoes. When I asked her about them, she told me they were called "Onesole." The design across the front actually SNAPPED onto her shoe and was interchangeable with hundreds of other designs! Lo' & behold, we were back in the States for about a week when my husband & I were watching the TV show, "Shark Tank," where the Onesole creator, Dominique Barteet was presenting her shoe idea.

Shoes always weigh down my suitcase on trips and I knew this could be my solution, so I drove to a nearby boutique in Plano and bought a pair. I decided to order a few "tops" for my soles online because I specifically wanted the "American Illustrator" designs: With Onesole, you simply buy a particular shoe sole, including cork wedges or heels. I am a heel kind of a gal, so I purchased a pair in chocolate. It comes with a top that you can snap & unsnap & their tops have endless designs. Changing shoes is as easy as simply snapping on the particular top you want to wear for the day Having one sole and interchangeable tops is a great way to travel with "many" shoes while only wearing one...brilliant!

with preppiness,