26 February 2010

The Preppy Puppy

YUMMY! Doesn't that look good? And look at these sweet Easter treats- Too bad you can't have one of these... That's because these delicious goodies are for...your dog! The Preppy Puppy offers a cornucopia of gourmet treats for your best friend. They are a wholesale bakery that caters to retailers all over the U.S. and Canada. All of their products are soy, wheat and corn free and boy, do they offer a lot of tasty goodness for your dog. Filled pastries like this Corgi Cannoli just ooze with yumminess (not that I have eaten one), but it simply looks too good for it to be exclusive to our four legged friends!! Any Preppy pooch would love to gobble up a whale or lobster bone like these... ...or munch away on a lighthouse, as it dreams about his/her upcoming "dog days of summer" in Maine or along the Cape. In my next life, I'm coming back as a Preppy little Shih-tzu if it means having one of these just for being adorable.