28 February 2010

Gali Girls

Gali Girls are Jewish dolls for Jewish girls...brilliant! Founded in 2004, the Gali Girls include several different looking dolls, which represent the spectrum of Jews. Whether your little one is blonde, brunette, redhead, or has a brown complexion, it is easy to find a doll that looks like her, which is rare. The doll has her own book too, detailing her history. She also has an adorable wardrobe. Check out the bunny pajamas!! And the outfits are seasonal: Fall & Winter, Spring and Summer outfits, and unlike any other doll, you can dress your Gali Girl up for the Shabbos or a simcha. Gali Girls also has matching outfits for your little girl, like this one of Queen Esther- Check out the Gali Girls website to see everything this wonderful company has to offer your favorite little girl...or quite possibly for yourself!