22 February 2010

On the Avenue in NYC

We decided to try a boutique hotel on the West side, instead of the usual Waldorf stay. On the Avenue calls themselves an "urban hideout" at Broadway and 77th. We stayed in a Penthouse room, which provided a great view over Broadway and of the Hudson. Although I always travel with my own comfy robe (I love my own too much to leave it at home), it was nice to have an alternative. It was a nice size room with some additional space to relax. And a fabulous walk-out terrace. We had a great view and it provided a nice place to "people watch" in the mornings. This gives you a bird's eye view from our Penthouse overlooking the market on Broadway @77th. This is a close-up shot of the marketplace a day before the blizzard that hit NYC. And the same view the day of the blizzard. Quite a difference 24 hours can make!