07 February 2010

Canadian Welly fob

I love getting snail mail-especially when it isn't a bill! While emails are nice, there is nothing like receiving a letter...or even better, a parcel post. One came in from Canada and although I knew what it was, I still couldn't contain my excitement. It was from the Grosgrain Garage and handmade by my Northern neighbor, Lisagh. I am an avid reader of her blog and I swear she is one of the most talented people anywhere. I have browsed through Lisagh's needlepoint and monogrammed items and she makes them look effortless! It's like "look what I whipped up this afternoon" as she disaplays the most intricately designed sweaters, gloves, tea towels, key fobs and other items. When LIsagh featured her fobs, I saw the green wellies on her list and I knew I had to have a pink pair to match my preppy debutante logo. An added perk is that Lisagh can add a monogram like this one on the opposite side. Here is my keyfob in progress on Lisagh's website. As if my new welly key fob wasn't enough, there was another little goodie in my envelope. Look at my fabulous monogrammed coffee sleeve that she made. That was really awesome and completely unexpected. Thank you Lisagh. You have made driving a lot more fun, especially on rainy days when the wellies on my keychain match the wellies on my feet...and you've jazzed up my morning cup o' Joe too.