29 February 2012

a Neimans exclusive

When it comes to recapturing youth, some women pay a high cost for beauty. Nips, tucks, lotions and potions are common and well worth it when the visible results seem to turn back the clock.

One dynamic duo, who are also sisters, have captured youth in a bottle powered by phytoestrogen. Their affordable products can only be found at Neiman Marcus.

You can learn more about Chicago-based VENeffect at their website or at Neiman Marcus online and in stores.

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

25 February 2012

Week-long wardrobe

I have always enjoyed reading other people's blogs, which include what they wore during the week. I have never done an entry like it before and decided to document my threads for a week. In the past I always thought of myself as a Ralph Lauren gal, but apparently, I am Tory Burch obsessed right now. This is what I wore:
Tory Burch tunic, Escada kelly green pants,
Tory Burch Caroline mid-heel

My necklace is the preppy debutante Vintage Western Glass pendant (JP0213) in letter "C", $25.

Tory Burch shrunken Simone cardigan in buff, Express brown shirt,
Joe's jeans, Tory Burch tan Patti wedge, the preppy debutante "C" Western glass pendant, Michael Kors watch

Old Navy black turtleneck, Ralph Lauren yellow vest,

Banana Republic non-iron shirt, Ralph Lauren long sweater, Paige jeans
I am wearing my favorite cowboy boots-python snakeskin in brown. I buy all of my boots from the Brenham Saddle shop because my mother's family originated in Brenham, Texas (dating back more than 150 years) and gives my boots special meaning.

My necklace is a vintage Tibetan baroque pendant pearl necklace from LeAnita

Brown shirt by Pete, Victoria Secret brown linen pant,
Ralph Lauren croc print slide, Michael Kors watch, the preppy debutante "C" pendant.
Cabi zip front french cuff shirt, Lilly Pulitzer sweater, INC pants,
pearls from my Mommy and Tory Burch Caroline mid-heel

Tory Burch iveta Tunic, Ralph Lauren trousers
and Tory "Patti" logo wedges

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

23 February 2012

Neiman Marcus Fashion Show

A spectacular fashion show was put on last evening at Neiman Marcus' Willow Bend location in Plano, Texas. They rolled out spring collections from St. John, Chanel, Prada and other designers in an exciting, well choreographed program.
my little model took notes for his own upcoming runway show next month

Donned in my Tory Burch iveta Tunic, Ralph Lauren trousers and Tory "Patti" logo wedges, all from Neimans, we sat front row for a great view.

This Spring is all about bright prints, nautical themes and African safari. Another fashion statement-hats are back! Here are a few of my favorites from the show:

striking a pose with Neimans employee, Sara, after the show.

Of course, you can find all of the outfits and accessories at the Neimans website or inside the store.

Rikki Ragland
the preppy debutante

22 February 2012

Welcome to the Junior League!

Each year, the Sustainers in my Junior League welcome our Provisional members during a special brunch.

It was held in the beautiful home of one of our Sustainers. Every person was greeted inside the door, which also provided a great spot for photo opps.
Catching up with fellow Sustainers

I love this brunch because it gives us the opportunity to share our League wisdom and advice with the new members, while also learning innovative ideas and strategies from them.
Sustainers greeting our new members

Sharing my experiences with the Provisionals

Every detail was tended to, down to the lovely pink cocktail napkins,

and a very delicious spread was available in the dining room.

It is always great to find a fellow Junior Leaguer who is also a Phi Mu sorority sister!

The afternoon was a lot of fun with the excitement of everyone mingling with one another.

It looks like another incredible year is ahead for our League.

Rikki Ragland,
the preppy debutante

21 February 2012

my face lift

It was time for a facelift...for my logo! Hey, I may have reached the big 4-0, but I am far from needing a lift for myself :) In my opinion, even company logos need to show maturity after a while and I knew it was certainly time for the preppy debutante to mature too.
This was the old look:

...and voila, you already saw the new one when you logged on. While still preppy, you can see the traditional pink and green have been replaced with a more sophisticated look of pink and orange.

I was inspired by one of my favorite Baekgaard purse and wallet combinations. The orange purse has a striking pink lining, while the contrasting pink wallet has a beautiful orange interior.

The augmented quatrefoil framing the boots and words represents the symbol of my fraternity, Phi Mu. Our badge, which has other hidden meanings, is of the same design.

All of the elements came together in the new logo thanks to my web design diva, Romi Anderfuren. She is an award winning designer who has 14 years of experience in print & digital design. She is brilliant and I really love her work. If you would like for Romi to design for you, she can be reached at: randerfuren@gmail.com.

Rikki Ragland,
the preppy debutante

16 February 2012

Spirit of giving in HOUSTON

After presenting the check to Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin, it was off to Houston for another presentation at Texas Children's Hospital. We always have a wonderful presentation at Texas Children's with their Child Life Department staff members. Each time, we have the opportunity spend a couple of hours with their team, learning how Spirit Halloween's Houston customer donations benefit their department.

As usual, we received a warm welcome with a banner and balloons! After sitting down to a lunch with the employees, it was time to present them with the money that was raised by the Spirit customers. As I said before, all of it was raised in 60 DAYS!!!

This season, we presented a check for:

That's right, I said:

Today's check wasn't the only surprise! In turn, Texas Children's presented us with this gorgeous bench, which was hand-painted by some of the pediatric patients.

As you can see, they dedicated it to Spirit Halloween with a beautiful Halloween design.
As if the bench wasn't enough, we found out it will have this plaque affixed to it as it sits inside the Child Life Department for all of the kids to enjoy.

We were in shock as it was unveiled. We love helping our customers raise money for children's hospitals. Many people do not know this, but our son was hospitalized for a little while when he was just 11 days old for multiple GI issues. He rapidly lost weight at birth and was not able to maintain food. We were passionate about fundraising prior to our son's birth, but the experience we had as new parents gave us a very different perspective.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our Spirit Halloween customers! Thank you again for your generous donations, especially during these tough economic times. All of you have made a vast difference in the lives of children who spend more time in a hospital bed than they do in their beds at home.

Be sure to follow Spirit Halloween Houston/Austin on facebook & twitter.

Rikki Ragland,
the preppy debutante