29 January 2011

24 January 2011

16 January 2011

The Art of the Ketubah

A Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract, quite like a prenuptial agreement written in Hebrew. It is written to protect the כלה (kallah or bride) in the marriage and describes the responsibilities the חתן (chatan or groom) has towards her. The ketubah is signed privately with the couple, wedding party and the rabbi. Selecting one's Ketubah prior to the wedding ceremony can be a very intricate process. A couple must decide if they prefer traditional or modern; a particular artist; and the colors involved. In addition to a marriage contract, the ketubah is an art piece that will be displayed in the home for others to see and enjoy. The one I selected was traditional, including the colors. After the bride & groom sign the Ketubah, so do their witnesses and the rabbi. Once it has been signed by all parties, the engaged couple is technically married with the wedding ceremony following the signing. While ours is traditional, I also love the modern and more creative ketubot. My sister, LeAnita, introduced me to her friend and fellow artist, Judith Joseph after I was married and already had my ketubah, but I would recommend all engaged Jewish couples to peruse Judith's studio! Her work is beautiful and you can find a variety of gorgeous ketubot. Many are in collections across the country. This is Judith's Oceanic Ketubah Jazz Ketubah Spring Moon Ketubah Persepolis Ketubah Each ketubah is incredibly detailed and Judith has a page on her website dedicated to the several stages she takes to complete one. Be sure check out her book too, which includes her creations.

12 January 2011

Is he too young?

Here is a debate I am having with my three-month old. What do you think? Is he too young?