26 April 2009

The Luxury Living Expo-told by a 10 yr. old

Today's blog is being taken over by my 10 year-old niece, Alex- My mom, Aunt Rikki and I went to the Luxury Living Expo today. There were a lot of cars, a few boats and a chef who cooked us duck. We watched the chef's demonstration, which I liked because I want to be a chef and a fashion designer when I grow up. My favorite part of the show were the cars and I liked sitting in the yellow Lamborghini. It was very small inside and it sat low to the ground. Only two people could sit inside and I could see over the steering wheel. My feet almost touched the pedals too. We also saw orange and green Ferraris and other sports cars, including some BMWs and a Mercedes. I also sat on a few motorcycles and putted on the green. One of my favorite things was the Steinway piano. I have been taking piano lessons for a few years and I had the chance to play Ode to Joy for several people. The show also had a couple of yachts. We could not go on them, but we could stand next to them and take photographs. I had fun at the Luxury show but I think it needs to be a lot bigger next year.

25 April 2009

A View from the Top-the Grand Canyon

What a way to usher in the spring. Cory & I took a trip to the Grand Canyon & I think the springtime is one of the best times to go. The most amazing way to see this great wonder is obviously by air, but by land is a treat as well. First we took a private plane over the Canyon. Our pilot, Mike, was fabulous. He had some very inspirational flying music pumped into our headsets as we took in the breath taking sight of the Canyon. One of my favorite songs, "Superman" by Five for Fighting was one of the songs that we heard as the plane soared over the top of the Canyon. After our tour with Mike, we took a brief break before heading to a helicopter for a great chopper ride to the bottom of the Canyon. Once we were at the bottom, we got into a boat for a riding tour down the river. (Yes, I still have my "bride" t-shirt nearly five years later.) After we reversed the trip-back in the helicopter and then to Mike's plane, he flew us over the Vegas strip to see the casinos from the air. And back on the ground just in time for a meal at the Bellagio.

22 April 2009

Webcast Wednesday-Rome's Unknown Soldier

Hump Day is now "Webcast Wednesday" where my blog will be told through video. Today's video honors the Unknown Soldier of Rome with a changing of the Guard. Cory & I watched them for quite some time. A beautiful sight in person. Enjoy-

21 April 2009

What Do Y'all Think?

Forty-eight hours after Miss USA runner-up, Miss California Carrie Prejean, sparked a controversy with her answer over gay marriage, the fallout has been seen & heard throughout the media nationwide. For those of you who may still be in the dark on this one (though it is making headlines everywhere, so it is quite hard to miss), during the Miss USA pageant Sunday evening, celebrity blogger and pageant judge, Perez Hilton, asked the contestant from California if she believed in gay marriage. Quite honestly, this would be a rather obvious question for the West Coast contestant, considering the Proposition 8 ruling to ban gay marriages originated in her home state. Prejean’s response was that she and her family believed that "marriage should be between a man and a woman." Among the boos, mixed with applause, Hilton says that Miss California’s response cost her the Miss USA crown & title. He thinks she should have given a more diplomatic response that would have been more amenable to a majority of America , considering the Miss USA position is an ambassador for our country. Carrie Prejean says she stands by what she said and would say it again if given another chance. What do y’all think?

17 April 2009

Preppy Lobsters Everywhere!

As I said in my previous post on preppy crustaceans, I absolutely adore anything with a lobster on it. Blame it on me growing up on the east coast and summers in Maine. The quintessential lobster retailer is Green Lobster USA.

The company has several locations along the East Coast and they have the preppiest lobster polos, belts, hats and sunglasses.

You can scroll through their photos to catch a glimpse of their launch parties and fans from Nantucket & the Vineyard to Georgetown and Greece!

Stop by and check them out. And as the company says, "Get trapped" It is well worth it!

15 April 2009

Preppy Crustaceans

LL Bean is rolling out their Preppy crustaceans for the summer. They have these completely precious pink & green lobster flip flops, which I have been told are literally flying off their shelves quite quickly. No wonder, they are one of the most adorable Maine Isle Flops you will find on preppy feet in the warm weather. And I love anything that has a lobster on it-which you will see later this week!

On those oh-so-rainy days, the pink and green wellies feature Maryland blue crabs and Maine lobsters. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe when sunshine turns to sprinkles. Not to mention, they are fun to put on and run through some puddles if you are still a kid at heart.

12 April 2009

Preppy plates

This is one of my favorite preppy plates by Dansk because they make any event festive! Every year, I hold an English Afternoon Tea in my home for my closest friends and I enjoy using my palm trees to help usher in spring. Although Spring arrived at our Dallas home a long time ago, we are still waiting for it to peek out in Chicago. Perhaps if I put a pretty palm tree plate in every window, the sun will decide to finally make an appearance over Lake Michigan!

10 April 2009

Giuseppe the dog is a NBC news reporter

I posted this video on my Facebook page today. It is of my dog, Giuseppe (Seppe), playing a news reporter for NBC 5 in Dallas, when I anchored my own technology segment there. Giuseppe was 16-years-old when he spent a day at the TV station for Pets.com's "Take Your Dog to Work Day." He certainly was an old dog who was eager to learn new tricks. Ironically, after all of the excitement of playing news reporter, Seppe went home and had a heart attack, but he survived and was back to normal the next day! All of us in television used to joke that the business could do that to a person, we just never expected it to happen to my dog! My facebook friends enjoyed it so I thought I would put Seppe on the blog-

08 April 2009

Happy Passover

What if Moses had never worked his "magic"? Thanks to him its time to break out the Manischewitz! I have had my last English Muffin for a little while. It looks like peanut butter and matzah sandwiches for a bit & I'm allergic to peanuts, but oy vey, a girl has to dress up her unleavened bread somehow. Happy Pesach to all who are celebrating-here's to a festive meal fit for a Queen!

02 April 2009

Hot Off the Press-

on newsstands now-sheridan road magazine's coverage of the centennial celebration for our woman's club. this year my sister, leanita & i served as co-chairs of our large fundraiser, silver wicket croquet and lawn party.