28 February 2010

Gali Girls

Gali Girls are Jewish dolls for Jewish girls...brilliant! Founded in 2004, the Gali Girls include several different looking dolls, which represent the spectrum of Jews. Whether your little one is blonde, brunette, redhead, or has a brown complexion, it is easy to find a doll that looks like her, which is rare. The doll has her own book too, detailing her history. She also has an adorable wardrobe. Check out the bunny pajamas!! And the outfits are seasonal: Fall & Winter, Spring and Summer outfits, and unlike any other doll, you can dress your Gali Girl up for the Shabbos or a simcha. Gali Girls also has matching outfits for your little girl, like this one of Queen Esther- Check out the Gali Girls website to see everything this wonderful company has to offer your favorite little girl...or quite possibly for yourself!

26 February 2010

The Preppy Puppy

YUMMY! Doesn't that look good? And look at these sweet Easter treats- Too bad you can't have one of these... That's because these delicious goodies are for...your dog! The Preppy Puppy offers a cornucopia of gourmet treats for your best friend. They are a wholesale bakery that caters to retailers all over the U.S. and Canada. All of their products are soy, wheat and corn free and boy, do they offer a lot of tasty goodness for your dog. Filled pastries like this Corgi Cannoli just ooze with yumminess (not that I have eaten one), but it simply looks too good for it to be exclusive to our four legged friends!! Any Preppy pooch would love to gobble up a whale or lobster bone like these... ...or munch away on a lighthouse, as it dreams about his/her upcoming "dog days of summer" in Maine or along the Cape. In my next life, I'm coming back as a Preppy little Shih-tzu if it means having one of these just for being adorable.

24 February 2010

Nice Jewish Girl

I am a very nice Jewish girl (most of the time) and I certainly have the t-shirt to prove it! My favorite place to get my fanciful Judaica shirts is from Pop Judaica. My hubby surprised me one afternoon with the t-shirt below. Hmm, I'm not quite sure what he meant by it though. Me-"Chai" Maintenance? Ok, maybe just a tiny bit-but only sometimes. The girls aren't the only ones who can display their good Jewish standing proudly across their chests. Sometimes, it can be slightly difficult to spot a Mensch and a gal needs a bit of help from a potential suitor. Pop Judaica does a great job with their play on words, including this nice gift for someone who may be "off their rocker" ...and before the "fist bump" became popular, a simple high-five was more common. A childhood classic in Yiddish makes George even more curious. And this Kosher cookbook is a great resource for holiday cooking. Why should Shabbos be exclusive to humans? Your best friend will look adorable in his own kippah and tallit. This onesie is specifically designed to spare your "goyel" from the Moyel (LOL) With so much competition among B'nai Mitzvah dates these days, this one is sure to prepare your friends and family for your newborn's Bar Mitzvah by the time he is thirteen.

22 February 2010

On the Avenue in NYC

We decided to try a boutique hotel on the West side, instead of the usual Waldorf stay. On the Avenue calls themselves an "urban hideout" at Broadway and 77th. We stayed in a Penthouse room, which provided a great view over Broadway and of the Hudson. Although I always travel with my own comfy robe (I love my own too much to leave it at home), it was nice to have an alternative. It was a nice size room with some additional space to relax. And a fabulous walk-out terrace. We had a great view and it provided a nice place to "people watch" in the mornings. This gives you a bird's eye view from our Penthouse overlooking the market on Broadway @77th. This is a close-up shot of the marketplace a day before the blizzard that hit NYC. And the same view the day of the blizzard. Quite a difference 24 hours can make!

20 February 2010

A stroll through Central Park

It was a beautiful day for a stroll through Central Park. The Reservoir was mostly frozen, providing a fun place for the ducks to walk along the ice. The bare trees made it easy to see the people across the park. It was a fun way to people watch... ...or to see the people watching me! What's that little red speck up in the tree? It is a gorgeous Cardinal who clearly was ready for his close-up. I think even Mr. De Mille would be impressed!

18 February 2010

Sardi's dinner & a show-

Traditionally, theatre-goers eat at Sardi's prior to a Broadway show. I have not found the food to be stellar, but I do like the ambiance of the restaurant. It's a whimsical place to eat before going to a great performance.